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Sometimes the best plants for your garden are the ones that grow on their own. Dandelion and clover are prime examples of flowers that pop in and give bees what they need. But sometimes we can help them along by planting native flowers or water-wise plants that help our environment. 

​Spring / Summer

Southern California pollinator plants bring summer fun. It’s time to plant flowers that bring pollinators to the gardens with gorgeous blooms. Native flowering plants keep the garden alive with all types of butterflies, birds, and bees so important to our Southern California native ecosystem. The flowers also provide lively colors and lovely fragrances to the home when cut and arranged in containers indoors.

Winter / Fall

Southern California weather is awesome, so most plants will continue to bloom deep into December! These plants were chosen for spring, summer, and fall bloom, low to medium-low watering needs, low maintenance requirements, and the variety of bee species they attract.

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